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• Food Festivals and Raw Events


• Sydney, Australia

Introduction to Organic Market Gardening
and many other courses
Gerringong, Buena Vista Farm


• The Allergy and Free from Show North

Saturday 4th-Sunday 5th November, 2017
Exhibition Centre Liverpool
FREE ADVANCE tickets or pay on the door


Natural Products Scandinavia

Monday 16th-Tuesday 17th October 2017


• The Nordic Organic Food Fair Malmomassan, Sweden

Natural Products Scandinavia is the only trade event in the Nordic region dedicated to the natural and organic with thousands of innovative natural and organic health, living, beauty and food products on show

Titta Jones will be both exhibiting and speaking. She is the managing director and co-founder of eco cleaning brand , Lilly’s Eco Clean

At Natural Products Scandinavia in 2012 Geeta Sidhu-Robb @ NoshDotox on Twitter won the Silver Award for the most Innovative New Health Product Sweden

This was The Raw Smoothie


More Food Festivals and Events

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• Tickets to


• Raw Food Masterclasses linked above

What is the healthiest diet? (video) has been produced by Dr Michael Gregor, one of my "heroes"!

MORE (SOME free) tickets and Food Festival listings


• International Raw Food Restaurant Directory


The second, enlarged 2012 edition of this Directory is now on Special Offer

We do not use cookies, but if you want to buy the Directory without registering with as a Ki Publishing Co-operative customer please use our Paypal account

PayPal Acceptance Mark

• Later this year the enlarged and updated will be available as both a printed and an e-book

• Pictures of the launch of the original edition of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

• One of our Introductory videos for The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

Some Reviews of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

Jess Bass barrister, raw foodie, triathlon competitor,

friend of Ki Publishing and a link to a picture of Jess taken at the launch of The International Raw Food Directory Restaurant Directory

John Bruce Cairns, archivist and author of

Correspondence attended the launch of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

Hub Pages;

• "Veg an Bio", French vegan blog,

then section Autres liens intéressants (Other interesting links) under "Guide pour les voyageurs"

Positive News,

and more ...

The 2nd edition of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory now costs £1.99 + postage

and an e-book is currently in preparation ...

Edition (2) lists even more raw food restaurants in 45 countries

er 2011 those buying in Australia and New Zealand will be able to order
Ki books direct from our Australian contacts. One is an award-winning vegan restaurant and shop, and the other is from an Australian Co-op.

In the US the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory is distributed by Indie Reader: as a publishing co-operative we try to support both independent authors and book shops.

Ki Publishing is affiliated to
The Slow Food Campaign that began in Italy
Slow Retail Campaign, an initiative that started in Germany and aims to bring personal contact back into retailing.

Following from that link we use real postage stamps whenever possible, and we ask that you to try and recycle these to help others.

Commemorative stamps
in particular can still raise considerable funds for the recycler

for The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory

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raw food restaurants
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diet and health
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115 degreesf
46 degreesc
celebrity chefs

Since the first edition of The Raw Food Restaurant Directory was written the number of people signed up to official Raw Food Meet Up groups has quadrupled, and the number of those on waiting lists is over 50,000

Then there are the special events such as World Raw Food Day with plans to now have 2 World Raw Food Days - one for each hemisphere so that raw foodists can celebrate when their local produce is at its peak of perfection

Many celebrities like Venus Williams and Demi Moore follow Raw Food regimes. As well as being celebrated on this blog there is also a separate celebrity raw food website

For the uninitiated, Raw Food is not quite as drastic as it sounds. Raw in this context actually means that the food has not been heated above a high body temperature. In this context the generally accepted figures are not above 115F or 46C, and the "cooking processes" are steaming and dehydrating. This minimizes the loss of nutrients during the "cooking process"

Even cooking novices will not take long to discover how versatile and easy these methods of food preparation are, and how delicious and nourishing the results can be. There are many books on Raw Food prepatation already available, and numerous, numerous and growing websites share raw food recipes and preparation experiences

This directory was not aimed at the converted, or those hovering around conversion. It is aimed at the enquiring individual who wants to find out whether he or she actually likes raw food. Not everyone will like it, although most who try it enjoy the experience and notice the health benefits. Buying the equipment and the ingredients to prepare raw food is initially expensive. Try some first before you "jump into" the movement, and remember there are as many different and personal elements to "raw food cooking" as there are to everyday cooking

The aim of this directory is to help you to investigate 2 or 3 different experiences within the field of raw eating. .. Think chocolate - and work backwards ...

Some Face book links which I was not permitted to link in

• The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory
and on Google

• Raw Food on a Budget

• Simply Raw Movie

• World Raw Food Day

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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. amendments@ contactus@ newentries@ Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the next edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. We really appreciate this feedback. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views. And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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