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• Raw Chocolate

Link: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/event/american-craft-chocolate-and-wine?utm_source=

• Clif Bars have succumbed to the pressure and have now disclosed the source of their chocolate!

• http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/229/288/148/?z00m=21359759&redirectID=1475412284

Ask Warner Bros. what steps they're taking to ensure Harry Potter chocolates are slavery-free ....

• The video below expresses one opinion - but there are almost certainly other views and takes!
• You will need to make your own mind on this video UNLESS YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC DETAILED KNOWLEDGE in which case PLEASE SHARE IT WITH US ALL AS A COMMENT

• • Raw Cocao Causes Mood Swings and is NOT a Health Food


Chocolate Lovers' Travel Guide

To Make Raw Chocolate

Does Chocolate Make you Clever?

6 Ways to Get More Chocolate into Your Life

RAW Mexican dark chocolate turtle cheesecake
It really is a RAW cake!

RAW Warm Chocolate Cashew Cream Pudding from Vegan Chocolate

• A Chocolate, Coconut, Chia Pudding Recipe

You can now buy 100% cocoa chocolate on the High Street and sales are said to be on the rise

The Poco Dolce Team on Twitter @PocoDolceSF
Poco Dolce handmade chocolates and confections on the savory side of sweet from San Francisco

Alice Medrich, Berkeley, California. Chocolate dessert chef, teacher, James Beard and IACP Cookbook of the Year Award winning author
Latest book: Flavor Flours

Molten Cake
Mark Bittman shows how to make a warm soft chocolate cake with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who says his restaurants make about a thousand a day

Recipe for Chocolate Marquise

Is Belgium still the Capital of Chocolate?

Why the French Love Chocolate Bears

Chocolate, Sugar and Belly Fat


• The website Give It To Me Raw has shut down, but you can still browse back issues on The Wayback Archive

Hi everyone, Dhru here

If you are looking for an amazing raw food inspired community, I suggest signing up for rawfoodrehab.ning.com The site is run by my friend Penni Shelton and she is amazing. They are always open to quality people joining

Thanks for sticking around as long as you did

Much love, Dhru Purohit, Keep In Touch

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I'm in Los Angeles these days working on my company Clean Program. Stop by and say hi if you are in the area. We'll have tea at our headquarters in Brentwood
My email is dp@dhru.me

Scientists have discovered that when we say, in relation to food offered,

“Oh go on then!”,
it’s not our fault!

It turns out our brains are hard-wired to make us want to eat when we see tempting foods, even if we’ve just eaten


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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the new edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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