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Brogdale , Kent

Home of the British National Fruit Tree Collection

one of the largest such collections in the world

Short Courses and Guided Fruit Festivals and Foraging Walks are held at Brogdale

• Brief Background on Brogdale

• Brogdale is the home of the historic British National Fruit Tree Collections They hold an Apple Festival each October

Around 15 years ago serious, bitter and prolonged attempts were made to close Brogdale. The survival of the collection, which is now a thriving charity, was ensured because of a very generous legacy

• July 2014: The Director of Wakehurst Place in Sussex, not far from Brogdale, unexpectedly resigned with immediate effect. Previously the well-respected Director of Wakehurst's sister organization, The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew had left without completing his notice period

The second The Kew Leases Bill 2017-2019 is currently going through Parliament. The previous Parliamentary Bill, Kew Leases Bill 2016-17 had been timed out when the unexpected General Election was called and the Parliamentary passage of that Bill could not be completed

Wakehurst Place and Kew Gardens together form the world renowned Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. They are completely interlinked, and jointly administer the Millenium Seed Bank

This Seed Bank dries and saves seeds, and is the foundation for our future, and potentially the future of food throughout the world. In addition to 150 year commercial leases planned for within Kew, there is the additional threat from fracking in the vicinity of Wakehurst

Map showing fracking licences available, including those within the immediate area of Wakehurst Place is public knowledge


Hedgerow Harvests in the UK

In autumn many hedgerows in the UK are prime sites for the traditional pursuits of gathering wild berries and hunting for mushrooms. This harvest can contribute to our daily diet, but care needs to be taken to make sure it is safe to eat

• Fresh Food for All Not Just greedy gangs!

Wild Garlic


• Some US equivalents

Raw Foodie's Delight

Live off the Land in Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY

• Tired of Moving Your Lawn? Try Foodscaping It Instead.
Nashville Foodscapes

Grow Food - Not Lawns

Pairing Syrah with Spring Ingredients ...


Do Superfoods Really Exist?"

September (Seasonal) Superfoods

The truth about ‘miracle foods’ – from chia seeds to coconut oil

• Superfoods in more detail ...


• Seaweeds

Dulse ,

scientifically known as Palmaria palmata , is an alga , which consists of a short stem (stipe) and broad red-tinted fronds (leaves) ...
July 2015: Chris Langdon, a researcher at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center has, along with colleagues, created and patented a new strain of dulse (that tastes like bacon!)

Aglamar: Organic Irish Moss

Aglamar Organic Sea Spaghetti


Juicing Party Weekends

15 Fresh Juice Recipes to Start Your Day

More Jucing ideas

Juicing , Smoothies and Vegan Ice Creams

Supernatural Super Fast Juice and Smoothie Bars


• 2014 and A reminder (if needed!) that Food Hygiene is always of vital importance, as is food safety


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