• Raw Food and Veganism in India

• Future Foods?


• Food Festivals and Raw Events 2018


• Food Festivals and Raw Events 2018

Link: https://www.thefestivalcalendar.co.uk/food-festivals-calendar.php

• What is Raw Wine?

RAW Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Raw Wine London

Sunday 11th March-Monday 12th March

Raw Wine Berlin

Sunday 13th May-Monday 14th May

The NYC Artisan Wine Fair

Sunday 5th November-Monday 6th November

The Artisan Wine Fair, Los Angeles

Sunday 12th November-Monday 13th November


• Fruit Festivals at Brogdale Farm , Faversham, Kent, ME13 8XZ

• 2018

• Soft Fruit Day - June
• Cherry Festival - July
Plum Day – August
National Apple Festival - October

Brogdale Artisan Cider Festival
at The Kent Chilli Farm
in August


Fruit City is a London-based

interactive map that shows where to find many
fruit trees and bushes like apples, plums
wild cherries, blackberries ...
There are also recommended recipes

Fruit City was originally a project by
Royal College of Art student Vahakn Matossian
that has now expanded


• There are 4 Allergy and Free From Shows annually

Allergy and Free From at London Olympia

Friday 6th July-Sunday 8th July

Allergy and Free From North at Liverpool

Saturday 3rd November-Sunday 4th November in the Exhibition Centre


• Glasgow, Scotland

The Allergy and Free from Show Scotland

Saturday 3rd-Sunday 4th March, 2018 at the SEC Glasgow


The Allergy and Free From Show in Berlin , Germany

Saturday 2nd June-Sunday 3rd June


US Food Festivals

• Food Festivals in California

• 32nd Annual Sustainable Agricultural Conference

Friday 9th November-Sunday 11th November 2018 in Durham, NC


Informative website that lists "Food Weeks" across the United States, fixed dates each year and variable events

• Some UK Food Festivals also publicized

• Food Reference and Book Reviews; History, Trivia, Festivals, Cookery Schools and Recipes are also included


• Pick Your Own Information

Mainly a Guide for the US: other countries are also listed


Annual World Vegan Day
1st November 2018

World Vegan Month November 2018

World Health Day 2018

World Health Day has been celebrated annually since 1950 on the founding day of the World Health Organization


Worldwide Food Festivals by country


• Sydney, Australia

Introduction to Organic Market Gardening
and many other courses
Gerringong, Buena Vista Farm


New Delhi, India

Friday 16th-Sunday 18th March 2018
International Spiritual Festival


Cool Festivals and Events in Europe


Raw Food Classes

Raw Food Masterclass (London) and (linked above) in Bristol

Mushrooms and Foraging Walks

organised at Brogdale , Kent and by Theresa Webb , raw chef based in South London

London, Ontario, N6P 1P3, Canada

Squirrel Medicine: Prepare Your Winter Yummies; Raw Food classes and courses by distance learning; foraging excursions and training ... and more

• " A Raw Food Diet in Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective ",

an Essay by Kyle J Norton.
This book is available to partially browse via Google books

What is the healthiest diet?

This video has been produced by Dr Michael Gregor , one of Jacyntha Crawley's "heroes"!

Nutritional Information Site

Excellent site: easy-to-use


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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the new edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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