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• Raw Food and Veganism in India


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• Raw Food and Veganism in India

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Gandhi is not the first name you might think of as helping to launch the vegan movement, and yet he did, on November 20, 1931, in London

He didn’t call it vegan of course , but it wasn’t long before others came up with the word to describe what he was talking about

Every year in Byndoor, Udupi District, Karnataka, India there is a Vegan Fesitval in late August or earky September organized by the Vegan Society of India, now known as Satvik Vegan . This is held at the Sthitaprajna Vegan Centre , where the motto is Simplicity-Solitude-Silence

Karnataka , south of Goa, is an area of India far from the big city bustle, and in August and September there is usually a lot of green vegetation. It is a beautiful area as you can see on Facebook

The President of the Vegan Society of India is Shankar Narayan the founder. He is also the Councillor and Regional Co-ordinator for the International Vegetarian Union, UK

Raw Vegan Indian Recipes and more

Life Positive magazine

Mumbai and Raw Foods

• The first raw food restaurant in South Africa, was an Indian restaurant in Johannesburg


World Health Day
and Veganism in Russia

On World Health Day 2011 in Moscow the first Russian vegan restaurant opened. It was a franchise of the international brand Loving Hut

The opening ceremony consisted of a concert featuring Russian stars who are vegetarian, a “Vegan Lady” fashion show (in this particular case exclusive gowns made of fruits and vegetables!); a master-class in the art of carving figures in fruit and vegetables; a performance by an Indian classical dance studio; a show of films about animal rights; and a festival of vegan cuisine. The event received wide media coverage

In Russia, the animal rights movement is accelerating by the day. However, despite the growing popularity of this ethical and health-giving way of life, Russian vegetarians still have great difficulty in finding the right food, and mainly have to be content with cooking for themselves. The assortment of vegetarian and vegan products is extremely limited; so various types of pâté and ready-made dishes, tofu and soya products are hard to find in the shops. They are rare in Russia generally and not easy to find even in Moscow. This is largely due to the myth which has been disseminated in Russia in recent years about the harmful effects of GM soya.

The first Russian vegetarian restaurant had opened in central Moscow in 2001 ten years earlier, and there are now also several vegetarian cafes. The opening of the first vegan restaurant was welcome news to Russian animal rights supporters and those seeking a healthy way of life


• @TeenVGN

is the Social Network for young Vegetarians and Vegans

Campaigns, including one for vegetarian options in (UK) school dinners; recipes, rescue pets, celebretity interview, competitions, prizes, forums, blogs, events, interactions ... and more!

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