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• The General Advisory Committee on Science


(GACS) provides independent challenge and advice on how the (UK) Food Standards Agency collects and uses scientific evidence

Updates on products free of colours associated with hyperactivity

• Update period every 3 years


• UK research

Ready meals 'healthier' than TV chefs' fare

Takeaway meals colouring and saturated fat warning

• November 2014: (UK) Food Standards Agency
Survey of allergen labelling and allergen content of processed foods

• November 2014 (UK) Food Standard Agency Survey on 'May contain' labelling

• March 2011: Update on products free of colours associated with hyperactivity

Update on products free of colours associated with hyperactivity

UK Report (2007) and a revision

• US research

• March 2011: FDA Probes Link Between Food Dyes, Kids' Behavior
NPR, National Public Radio, USA. March 2011
1st November 2011 research update

The 10 most Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Chains

• German research

Nice guys are better dancers, study says ... and Hyperactive and unruly boys with ADHD became calmer ... The research was carried out between 2001-2005 at the Clinic for Child and Youth Psychiatry in Karlstad as a collaborative effort involving the University College of Dance in Stockholm, the Department of Public Health Science at Karlstad University, the Clinic for Child and Youth Psychiatry in Karlstad, and Dance in Varmland. The boys in the project were aged 5-7 and the girls aged 13-17
• News-Medical.Net

• Swedish research

University College of Dance in Stockholm issues opinions on six artificial colours


Allergy and Free-from Exhibitions


• Eating Disorders

CDC hyping wave of children's mental disorders just as new psych bible 'DSM-5' released

Possible explanation for the incresing numbers of children diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes

Dozens of under 10s admitted to hospital with eating disorders


Fructose Malabsorption Disorder (Fructmal)

• and other digestive disorders, food intolerances and food allergies in children with Special Dietary Needs


• Gluten-Free and Coeliac Disease

• Pumpkin Spice is loaded with Gluten

Lady Gaga switched to Gluten-free eating

The Sweet Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, Manchester , was the winner of Gordon Ramsay’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant in the UK. It supports extensive gluten free menu options

Gluten Free and Special Needs catering in Victoria, Australia

• Danielle Walker's Against All Grain Celebrations: A Year of Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Paleo Recipes for Every Occasion

From the two-time New York Times best-selling author of Against All Grain and Meals Made Simple, comes 125 recipes for grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free comfort food dishes for holidays and special occasions


Parents must remember that HONEY IS NEVER SUITABLE FOR BABIES


What I Want Other Parents to Know About Living With Food Allergies in particular an

• Allergy to Peanuts


• Excessive Salt Content

A (UK) Survey Revealed the Lack of Salt Source Knowledge. More than three quarters of 2,000 people (77%) were NOT aware that bread and breakfast cereals are among the daily foods that contribute most salt to our diet. Part of the government's effort to reduce people's salt intake
Owners of web-enabled phones can check their shopping's salt content

More and updated information

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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the new edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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