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• A few special London restaurants


• Notting Hill, London

Redemption Bar

6 Chepstow Road,
Notting Hill, W2 5BH

This is an alcohol-free, nutritionally balanced eatery. Booze has been replaced with convincing and often unusual mocktails, such as a zingy coconut ‘margarita’ in a salt-rimmed glass. For someone (like Jacyntha!) who loves risotto there is a beetroot and barley version that can be followed by the raw, vegan and serotonin-boosting cacao and hazelnut tart

• Farm Girl

59a Portobello Road
Notting Hill, W11 3DB

Veggie, vegan, gluten-free… and it can get busy at lunch time! But, Farm Girl covers a spectrum of diets, and also caters for eat-eaters!

A signature dish is the mysterious coconut BLT, made with coconut bacon, a dish that is also dairy-free and comes with a cashew cream instead of mayo

Amongst the unusual drinks are lavender latte coffee and hot chocolate with date syrup

• Rawligion

3, Tottenham Street , London W1T 2AF

has an exciting vegan menu ranging from kelp noodles and sushi topped with punchy caviar, to a Spicy Thai Bowl and ground-breaking juices like "John Dee" made with grapefruit, lime, ginger and volcanic salt, with a flavour that faintly reminds some of childhood cola bottles. Then there is the creamy and oaty brain boosting milk, made (surprisingly) with mushrooms. For dessert lovers the raw caramel shortbread is delicious


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• Featured Products ....



is a line of chilled, organic soup 'shots' in 250g bottles
They are part smoothie , part gazpacho and come in 5 flavours

The watermelon and chilli raw soup is high in vitamin C, B6 and potassium , making it particularly suitable for those suffering from tinnitus. It is also an excellent post-exercise pick-me-up!

We recommend The Spirulina Detox Soup for those suffering from tinnitus

• Food as Medicine


• This blogs aims to keep YOU


updated with events and information connected with "Raw
Food". This is defined as food that has not been heated above body temperature. It is usually but not exclusively vegan

Please help us to keep the Directory as accurate as possible by reporting any amendments that require attention

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There is a sister blog (short name of MEAL above) that is the result of the research for the forthcoming book by Ki Publishing Co-operative. That blog covers a wider, more general range of food information

Come Share a Meal with Me

is a book that combines entertaining at home (and during a recession who does not want to have friends round sometimes in preference to eating out!) with the philosophy of the Sufism, the hospitality of the Mediterrean cultures and the poetry of one of the most well known Sufis, Rumi, voted the most popular poets of all time. Nelson Mandela, was inspired by Rumi and often quoted him as his favourite, and because of the Rumi connection it is planned that Come Share a Meal with Me will be translated into Turkish with the help of the Turkish Ministry of Culture. The preliminary discussions for this project took place at the 2013 London Book Fair

The slow death of the Home Cooked Meal

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