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Comment from Serious Eats Website

I live near Fortnum and Mason - and received this link via a Twitter friend. I love F and M tea in general, but I hate Earl Grey Tea. Yes I know it was the favourite tea of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - but it is not for me - and I am not desperatel;y keen on gin and tonics either!

Generally speaking F and M stock excellent tea and every January and July there is a sale with enormous reductions (which have come down from an extremely high original price level as one might expect!). I recommend visiting in store, particularly in those months, if you are in London. It's always nice to look and smell quality teas!

In season F and M also stock the only Darjelling Tea grown in the UK

and the only other place I have seen this on sale in London is as a choice amongst the cream teas that are served in the Orangery at Kensington Palace. Not cheap - but worth doing on a special occasion. Of course Earl Grey would be another option there! There is an extremely limited amount of Cornish Darjelling. It was rather hard to get it to grow in Cornwall when the normal sources are in West Bengal.

I am involved with producing the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative, and luckily for me tea and coffee are not excluded from the raw food regime. I am not an absolute raw foodist - but I do follow it when I feel under par. I see loose tea, freshly ground coffee and organic wine as amongst the pleasures of life. So is fresh raw food, and to be fair to London catering there are a number of excellent raw food restaurants springing up.

And, despite the general concept of the bad diet of the Scots, there is a large raw food contingent in Scotland. Their office is in Central Glasgow
and there are meetup groups

I'm not sure how writing about Earl Grey tea came around to this comment on Raw Food - but I do know that we are what we eat and drink, and that many illnesses, including type 2 diabetes can be reversed by a long-term change in diet. I also know I have written more than I originally intended, but I rather enjoyed writing this and perhaps I could interest potential rawfoodists to visit

Raw food diets definitely do not exclude decent loose leaf teas!

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