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Ki Publishing Co-operative's
Raw Food Information blog

Raw Food Options


For those difficult to source food items you might try the data base of suppliers used by Speciality Food Magazine

• Here is a genuine list of organic and natural food producers who are looking for distributors

• 15th July 2015
UK - Board of the Food Standards Agency has agreed that the restrictions on raw milk sales should remain

A reminder (if it were needed!) that Food Hygiene is always of vital importance

An excellent, easy-to-use Nutritional Information Site
In Jacyntha's view this is one of the best site of its kind!

Juicing Party Weekends

World Raw Food Day 2016 will be in June

Highlights from the Past


Tell World Leaders
We need clean water for everyone

AND EVERYONE means taking the results of this school project seriously

The problem was identified earlier than 2006!

Ice Cubes and lemon rind in many restaurants and fast food outlets harbour more bacteria than toilet water

We rely on Environmental Health Officers to inspect food outlets in the UK

Food Inspectors in Canada

Restaurants in the United States are regularly inspected by health departments, but few data exist regarding the effect of restaurant inspections on food safety

• If you would like the restaurant inspection facilities available in your country listed here please let us know


Very informative website

that lists all of the

Food Weeks

across the United States, fixed dates each year and variable events

Some UK Food Festivals are also publicised

Food Reference and Book Reviews; History, Trivia, Festivals, Cookery Schools and Recipes are there, as well as detailed

• Pick Your Own Information

and a Guide for the US and other countries is included


Home of the British National Fruit Tree Collection, Brogdale, Kent

Short Courses and Guided Fruit Festivals and Foraging Walks are held at Brogdale. Weather permitting

Christmas and the

• Brogdale Hanamiin Spring
Hanamiin is the Sakura the Japanese festival to celebrate Cherry Blossom

• A Brief Background on Brogdale

• Brogdale is the home of the historic British National Fruit Tree Collections They hold an Apple Festival each October

Around 10 years ago serious, bitter and prolonged attempts were made to close Brogdale. The survival of the collection, which is now a thriving charity, was ensured because of a very generous legacy
Also see the KiPublishing Twitter Page: 12th July 2014

• July 2014: The Director of Wakehurst Place in Sussex, not far from Brogdale unexpectedly resigned with immediate effect. Previously the well respected Director of their sister organization, the The Royal Botanical Gardens had done the same

These 2 gardens form the world renowned Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. They are completely interlinked, largely through their administration of the Millenium Seed Bank

The Seed Bank is the foundation for our future and potentially the future of the world, but ...

A map showing fracking licences available, including those within the immediate area of Wakehurst Place is now public knowledge

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• "Raw" Foodies


Jess Bass

barrister, raw foodist triathlon competitor
and friend of Ki Publishing and
a picture of her taken at the launch of
The International Raw Food Directory Restaurant Directory
held at the local Organic Pharmacy

26th July 2013:
Today I rather unceremoniously just gained a Law Degree (with MF honours) how odd to get notification via Facebook but a good reason to get out of the office and have a glass or two of something bubbly yipppppppeeeeeee !!!!!!!!

The Women's Cycling Tour of Britain
Wednesday 7th-Sunday 11th May 2014, was the UK's first international women's pro cycling stage race

Trying Raw Food cuisine in restaurants ...

World Raw Food Day 2016 will be in June

• Stefan Hiene, Founder of World Raw Food Day celebrated World Raw Food Day 2012 with a mountain-bike race in which he finished first! (see World Raw Food Day on Twitter) Many Congratulations Stefan!

• A couple in their 60s set world record in Australia after running a marathon each day for 366 days
First reported in the UK on 1st January 2014 when the rest of us were sleeping in! a vegan couple powered by raw food completed their year of daily marathons

• Eat the Sunlight Video of man who raises his children on raw from birth


Some Olympic Athletes

Celebrities and Sporting Celebrities who follow a Raw Vegan Diet

NFL player Arian Foster running back for the Houston Texans is a raw food convert

Venus Williams, tennis champion talks raw vegan diet in battle against chronic autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome

Lauren Von Der Pool
raw chef to Venus Williams is on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter

Eating in the Raw was written by supermodel Carol Alt known as one the most beautiful women in the world. She wrote Eating in the Raw when she was in her forties, and believed at that time that she was at the healthiest, slimmest and most energetic she had ever been, and all because she had changed to a raw food way of eating

The Demi Moore Raw Food Diet

Shazzie, TV presenter and author has been a raw foodie since 2000

Heleana Quartey completed a 100 day Raw Food Challenge in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association

Top 10 Sexiest Vegan Men of 2013
(in the opinion of the author of the article!)

77-year old Vegan Body Builder

Vegan bodybuilding 2 minute video


Raw Food Chefs

Raw Star Recipes by Raw Chef Bryan Au
was voted the #1 BEST Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA Award 2012 Raw Food Chefs

Maria Rivarola, Gourmet Raw Vegan Chef, currently working in Indonesia. Maria reviewed The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory for the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Newsletter

Raw Food Chef Theresa Webb's blog. Theresa attended launch of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. and supplied the pictures of raw food dishes for 2 of Ki Publishing's Raw food videos

Additionally, Theresa is an expert forager and organises guided foraging walks in South London

Raw Food Recipes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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• Raw Food Groups Worldwide


The visual map link suddenly stopped working although the counting continues to be live. We are asking around for someone to fix this - so far without success!

Raw Food Groups Worldwide

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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. amendments@ contactus@ newentries@ Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the next edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. We really appreciate this feedback. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views. And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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