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• Slave Labour in the US and


European Tomato Industries

are (hopefully) counterbalanced by

The Institute for the Study of Slavery

at The UK University of Nottingham,

where they seek to pursue and develop research on contemporary, as well as historical slavery in all parts of the world ...

• On 6th-9th September, 2010: there was a Conference on Slave, Forced and 'Free' Labour that included a PUBLIC evening session on Tuesday 7th September

At that Talks by Anti-Slavery International and the International Labour Organization, took place, followed by a Q and A panel session

The event was videoed to make it publicly available to watch, but in those 5 years, with the surplus of cheap migrant labour conditions have worsened and many companies are even more ruthless

Well over 1 million people have now joined Walk Free

an organisation fighting to end one of the world's greatest evils:

Modern slavery

Florida’s tomato farms supply 50% of all US fresh tomatoes

They have also been called America’s ‘ground zero for slavery’

Workers held against their will, threatened with violence and forced to haul hundreds of heavy tomato buckets a day for little to no pay

May is the worst part of Florida’s tomato picking season – the days are hot and the vines have nearly been picked clean making it hard to fill quotas. There is tremendous pressure pressure for pressure for tomato farms to turn a profit

Thankfully a new solution, the Fair Food Program

is working to enforce a policy of zero tolerance for slavery on US tomato farms

A major US supermarket chain, Publix Super Markets, is refusing to support the Fair Food Program. Publix continues to buy tomatoes from growers that are not partners of the Fair Food Program and where workers are still proven to need protection from modern slavery. So do Wendys.

But for 21st November 2015 over 12,500 consumers have taken the pledge and joined the movement to improve the rights of agricultural workers.

Will Publix Super Markets, which prides itself on making Fortune’s 'Best Companies to Work For' list, continue to turn a blind eye, or will it leverage its vast market influence and lead the way in cleaning up slavery in the tomato supply chain?

Tell Publix to join the Fair Food Program and ensure US tomatoes meet the highest human rights standards in the food industry

• More anti-slavery organizations are listed on our Batiks from Burkina Faso Page on Facebook

Among these are
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

International Justice Mission also on Facebook

National Institute for the Study of Dutch slavery and its legacy - Amsterdam, The Netherlands has an Open Group on Facebook


• How to perfectly cut many tomatoes quickly!
Why You Should Refrigerate Tomatoes
• Refrigerate or Not?
• Did you know that a tomato can be grown from just a snip of a mature tomato plant?

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• Organic Strawberries


Bumblebees take off with a special fungus weapon to save strawberries. Growers turn away from chemical pesticides in the battle against grey mould

Coconut Sugar

Nutiva partners with Fair Trade USA to support Coconut Farming Communities

Vitamin-less Fruit and Vegetables

Comparison of GMO and non-GMO corn - the real statistics will astound you!

UK Government Promoting GM Food Safety Agenda

The Colbert Report on modified wheat

June 2013: Considerable progress on US labeling

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• Organic Food


Vegetables Without Vitamins

• More Organic listings ...

365 Ways To Drive A Liberal Crazy

Point 213 from the best selling book

Invite your liberal friends to a Norman Borlaug birthday dinner celebration. Give them two dining options: organizer Borlaug

Treat those who opt for "organic" to a small, misshapen carrot, explaining apologetically that that's all you can spare because organic food is so costly and land-expensive.

Treat those who take the Borlaug option to as much genetically modified food as they can possibly eat—true to the spirit of the great American agronomist who saved perhaps a billion lives by launching his "green revolution" using genetically modified strains of wheat, which rescued countries like India and Pakistan from starvation

Return of the Organic Fable

• 4th September 2012
• There was a similar article in New Scientist

Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce

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