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• Allergies


• November 2014: (UK) Food Standards Agency
Survey of allergen labelling and allergen content of processed foods

• November 2014 (UK) Food Standard Agency Survey
Survey on 'May contain' labelling

Parents must remember that HONEY IS NOT SUITABLE FOR BABIES

• What I Want Other Parents to Know About Living With Food Allergies in particular an allergy to peanuts

• Facebook Page run by Lucy Coyle for Children with Special Dietary Needs It is aimed at people like the parents and carers of children with Fructose Malabsorption Disorder (Fructmal) and other digestive disorders, food intolerances/allergies. It is based in the UK

You can ask for a FREE regularly updated pdf of GM foods in UK supermarkets. This is courtesy of The Therapy Book
which is also on Twitter
Ready meals 'healthier' than TV chefs' fare

A (UK) Survey Revealed the Lack of Salt Source Knowledge. More than three quarters of 2,000 people (77%) were NOT aware that bread and breakfast cereals are among the daily foods that contribute most salt to our diet. Part of the government's effort to reduce people's salt intake
Owners of web-enabled phones can check their shopping's salt content

• More Allergy information ....


• Good News


• Why top chefs should ban this torture-in-a-tin

Jacyntha Crawley gave a talk against the use of, and for extending the ban on, the production of Foie Gras

She did this at the London Athenians a Hammersmith-based Toastmasters Club

Fellow Athenian Mike Robinson designed and produced the poster (illustrated above) for that occasion

I’m Not Sorry to See You Go
Gregorio Revisits Foie Gras

A Cautious Defiance on the Foie Gras Ban


Animal testing for shellfish monitoring phased out

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These sounds so "horrible"

I had to draw attention to this genuine recall by the UK Foods Standards Agency

Sent: Monday, 18 February 2013, 9:22
Subject: Raw Ecstasy Wasabi Miso flavoured Activated Walnuts and
Activated Almonds

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This blog was set up so that readers of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory published by Ki Publishing Co-operative can supply feedback on the entries we have listed. amendments@ contactus@ newentries@ Readers can also suggest new restaurants for the next edition of the International Raw Food Restaurant Directory. We really appreciate this feedback. If you have thoughts on how regulations could be removed or changed to make running a food business easier, then the (UK) Government wants your views. And, after the recent health scares we need to stress this vital information for the preparation of bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin E and good to maintain your skin health. Further nutritional information.



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