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Letting the oven continue roasting the potatoes at a peep for the vegetarian dish, I went out for the Standard. Kate and John were waiting for me when I returned empty-handed at three. “You’re looking a lot better,” I told the depressed Kate whose eye… more »
Father’s Day on Facebook by johnbrucecairns What a load of sentimental twaddle on father’s day, When every man knows it’s an inferior rôle to play, Or should, but if you’re in a self-delusive …way, You won’t hear a squeak out of me; Mum’s… more »
6 June 2015 Ben Collins Customer Advisor RHP, 8 Waldegrave Road Teddington, Mx TW11 8GT Dear Sir I’ve already said if you want to move plant pots etc, you may and I don’t want them back. It would however be invidious of you to move… more »
After Quentin buzzed me in I was climbing the stairs in front when his head appeared round a corner at the back of the ground floor to redirect me. I’d forgotten to bring his address but remembered it sufficiently though I’d tried no 6 before 8. From… more »
I decided to go to Steph’s party, changing the maybe on Facebook to going. Trawling through those going I noticed none of the ones I usually met at parties was. I shaved, eschewing the fashion for beards, and my face was looking unusually if attractiv… more »

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