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After breakfast I was about to ready myself when Jean came. A later appointment had been brought forward and, so, her visit to me. Should she take her shoes off? “Are they difficult to put back on?” No. She wouldn’t eat or drink, because slimming. Par f… more »
Night before I prepared the guinea fowl for slow-cooking. In the morning I started on vegetarian dishes from recipes I’d been saving: harissa roast potatoes, beans, tomatoes and fried potatoes, baked eggs on chard but gave up on John’s appearing before… more »
In June Sarah, frontwoman, Nigel, the boss, and Lloyd came to persuade me to have a new kitchen and bathroom, making the specifications which Lloyd drew from, to show how it’d look, he adding there’d be more space, the decider, though I was putting up o… more »
The first senior moment, as Michele was to call it, was completely forgetting she might call in late yesterday morning. I did have the prospective vandalism today of our stair railing on my mind. I didn’t in fact remember her until seeing her on Lower… more »
I left Matt with a kiss he accepted pleasurably and which didn’t interfere with his engrossment in playing computer games. While I chatted with Fiona I kept looking at the back of his head. He’s infinitely more interested in silly games than in me who… more »
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