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I like the poems which are dated and can be correlated with the prose of Aiaigasa which occasionally refers back to them. ‘On the path I kissed/You, but didn’t say/How I felt like an actor’ epitomises self-consciousness. ‘The Café de Paris was/Closing… more »
Murdoch says, in a revised conversation with Magee, ‘any artist must be at least half in love with his unconscious mind which after all provides his motive force and does a great deal of his work.’ Mine was behind Sketch of a Just Man, An instance from… more »
Out of kindness a woman character gives a feckless young man of her family circle a job, that of looking after her holiday home in France, and then, because of circumstances, decides she has to get away herself and ends up there. Put like that, any read… more »
I like the vibrant fuchsia of the cover with the simply centred, majuscule title, fractured to suit meaning – Welcome to the Arms Race - and the simplicity of title and author – Justin Isis - on the spine. I’m less sure of the pneumatic blonde, reminis… more »
Short Exegesis: a story in Dadaoism (An Anthology) starts without a title. In the contents it’s called Instance. The first sentence implies: a first person past narrative; that this is one of annual visits from far-off to another character called Bob… more »

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