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• My news


I'm really excited to be starting year two of the MSc in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology in September

I gained so much from the first year

This year I will be putting together a programme of integral practice which means I have to choose a physical activity, mental activity, emotional, social and interpersonal activity and put together a schedule that will balance all of these activities which will then be approved and then I will do it for 100 hours (approx 3 months) and keep a learning journal of what happens and a log of when I practice and then at the end submit a 3000 word reflective essay

This to me is what spirituality is about - it's an integrated path that views all of the dimensions of what it means to be human as windows into an underlying wholeness. This is such a fantastic course and it begins again in September

I can send a flyer to anybody who is interested, it is so worth all of the investment of time and money both of which are so rewarding

There's also the opportunity to be an associate student and just study the modules that you are interested in instead of doing a full blown 2/3 year course. I can't upload the Associate student document here but all details for more information are on the flyer

Chakras courtesy of Artisan Therapies

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• Journey to Self: Hindi edition


This project began with the assistance of the High Commission for India in London. Now (June 2013), after months of delay the publication of Journey to Self" in Hindi has become a priority job

We will be putting up a brief resume of the literary translator of my book. Ki Publishing's literary translator also translated The Female Eunuch into Hindi

With help from the High Commission for India in London the Hindi edition of Journey to Self will be published in late 2014 by Remadhav Art Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

August 2013: Jacyntha met Udayraj A Gadnis in London. He is loaning the use of a painting for the cover of this edition of Journey To Self

Read my article Kundalini and White Tantric Yoga

https://plus.go og

and the

Journey to Self review

by Jeremy Cranswick, Buyer at Watkins Books,

an esoteric bookshop in the heart of London and established over 100 years ago. It is now one of the world's leading independent bookshops in new, second-hand and antiquarian titles in the Mind, Body, Spirit field, and Journey to Self was a Book of the Month when published. Watkins import books from around the world including America and India, and staff are all experts in one or more themes in the shop

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