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Permalink 11/02/18 23:00, by adminb, Categories: Recycle your Unwanted Spectacles to be used in Northern Ghana, The Shekhinah Clinic in Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana, Dr, Abdulai, Jersey in The Channel Islands as a Fair Trade island, The Sisters of St. Gildas, St. Joseph's Parish, P.O. Box BB25, Bimbilla, Northern Region, Ghana, Lions Club Australia recycle postage stamps and spectacles, benutzt echte und hauptsächlich Sonderbriefmarken., Jersey as A Fair Trade Island, Ursulines of Jesus in The Cameroons, West Africa, Ecrits de Louis-Marie Baudouin (1797-1812)


will find a new home in Northern Ghana

Jacyntha Crawley knows UK-trained Dr. Abdulai well. He is a truly remarkable man

who is well known locally in Tamale, Northern Region

The Shekhinah Clinic, P.O. Box TL 886, Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana
West Africa. tel: + 233 (0) 87 22622

Some years ago, along with others, he was prepared to go to jail when the government in Ghana tried to impose a tax on charitable donations. The government had no choice but to back down against such solid multi-cultural opposition

Dr. Abdulai works amongst the completely destitute, and your unwanted spectacles will be on a new face within 48 hours of their arrival in the clinic

From the UK the spectacles can be posted surface mail marked as SMALL PACKET. That they are in transit, i.e please package securely. Jacyntha has posted almost a hundred pairs of glasses over the years, and not one pair has been been stolen or broken in transit

• Our other contacts in the Northern Region of Ghana are
The Sisters of St. Gildas, who come mainly from Montreal, Canada
at St. Joseph's Parish, P.O. Box BB25, Bimbilla, Northern Region, Ghana

Shirley Temple-Black

the child star, was later to serve the US as their Ambassador to Ghana

• (Living in Australia?
You can help to raise money for Lions Club Australia projects by sending them your used pastage stamps. Lions Clubs of Australia also recycle spectacles through the Lions Club Australia)

• Our Fair Trade Batik cards come from Burkina Faso in sub-Saharan Africa. This is organized through the mother house of Les soeurs de St Gildas in Nantes, France

• Die London Biorhythm Company benutzt echte und hauptsächlich Sonderbriefmarken. Sollten diese gut ankommen, stellen sie oft einen gleichen (wenn nicht sogar grösseren!) finanziellen Wert als das eigentliche Produkt, auf dem sie angebracht sind, dar. Einige der weltweiten Umweltprojekte

Jacyntha Crawley's friend Hilary, was on the original committee to initiate Jersey as A Fair Trade Island. Hilary is a sister (nun) currently based in The Cameroons, West Africa, with occasional respite in the mother convent in Northern France. Ki Publishing is working with the order to publish the English translation of Ecrits de Louis-Marie Baudouin (1797-1812), the letters of the founder of the religious order of the Ursulines of Jesus. The updated French version and the Spanish translation are due to be published simultaneously

Support Scotland proposal for model anti-slavery law

The map below shows just how big Africa is by comparison. It comes from an earlier edition of The Economist magazine - and is enlightening!


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