• The Battle of Waterloo: A Foregone Conclusion

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A.J. Pointon

200 years since " The Battle of Waterloo " was fought in Belgium on Sunday 18th June 1815, it has featured in hundreds of accounts. Some cover that day only, some cover each of the four battles fought over the four-day campaign as former Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte sought to re-establish himself by capturing Brussels

Some specialist accounts deal with the exploits of a single fighting unit ,** while others concentrate on one particular engagement, but almost all have had two features in common. They recognise " Waterloo " as an iconic event , and they base themselves on the seemingly unchallengeable theory that it was a touch-and-go affair. For, as everyone " knows ", the Duke of Wellington stated that The Battle of Waterloo was a near-run thing. So, it was reported in the newspapers immediately afterwards, and the Duke never contradicted it

Professor Pointon's account, and this book, were stimulated when, reviewing the events of that Sunday from a French angle , he felt compelled to check the actual positions of the troops involved . Looking at the hard facts of the four-day campaign in no way diminishes its nail-biting excitement, but it does tend to correct the fictions which historians have allowed to persist

As a scientist, the author, Professor A.J. (Tony) Pointon's training is to test theories , not against how many times they have been repeated, or against the eminence of those repeating them, but against hard logic and hard facts

Tony Pointon, a former Director of Research at the University of Portsmouth , has applied his love of problem-solving across a range from science to chess; from politics to legal cases ; from investigating whether his boyhood hero from Stratford really was the great playwright Shakespeare, ( as set out in his first book ), to ensuring that a statue of Charles Dickens , (the hero of his next book), now stands in Portsmouth , city of his birth , and which nobody thought would happen

In "The Battle of Waterloo - a Foregone Conclusion" Professor Pointon sets out to show that, regardless of contemporary propaganda , the Battle of Waterloo was not a "near run thing" as was widely believed at the time , but a victory that was totally inevitable

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ISBN: 978-1-898594-92-5
Date published: 10th October 2015
Parapress, Tunbridge Wells: www.parapresspublishing.co.uk
Size: 210 x 150mm
Weight 390g

** Note: Professor Pointon featured at a Literary Supper at Ognisko , The Polish Hearth Club in South Kensington , London
** Under the spotlight was the 300 Polish Cavalry who fought with the French at The Battle of Waterloo

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• To coincide with the 200th anniversary of The Battle of Waterloo a rarely exhibited treasure of the Royal Academy's collection, the Daniel Maclise cartoon , The Meeting of Wellington and Blucher after The Battle of Waterloo , will be on display after spending decades in storage

2nd September 2015 until 3rd January 2016
Daniel Maclise Display at the Royal Academy of Arts, Piccadilly , London


• The Talk at Ognisko , The Polish Hearth Club in October
was the first in a series of lectures to be given by
Professor A.J. Pointon

and was on the role of the Polish contingent at
The Battle of Waterloo

• ... Back to the original literary book by Professor A.J. Pointon that was one of the Wall Street Journal's top 10 books of 2011

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