• Authors, Artists and Forthcoming

Link: http://www.npr.org/2013/10/30/241786954/brick-and-mortar-bookstores-try-for-revenge-against-amazon

• Authors

A.J. Pointon (Professor Tony)

• (The) British Tea Poet Elizabeth Darcy Jones

Elena and Warwick Jessup editors

Elizabeth Darcy Jones, The British Tea Poet

Jacyntha Crawley

John Bruce Cairns

Joy Feldman

June Rogers

Margaret Dempsey

Mike and Ann Knudson

Pam Bennett

Robert Whelan

Sam Crawley

Tony Pointon (Professor A.J.)

Vanessa Graham

Warwick and Elena Jessup editors


Necole Schmitz (artist)


• Forthcoming Publications

Journey to Self by Margaret Dempsey
Hindi edition )

Walking with Crocodiles by Comfort Papoola


• Penguin, Random House and the National Book Foundation Launched

"National Readathon Day,"

was on Saturday 24th January, 2015

This "marathon reading" session across the US to raise money was to help fund the National Book Foundation's efforts to promote literacy and reading. NBF executive director Harold Augenbraum calls it "a terrific opportunity to broaden the awareness in communities across the country and to infuse funds into our community-based programs."

Goodreads and Mashable are co-sponsors

Individuals and reading "teams" (which can be affiliated with local stores and libraries) will read for four hours straight; readers are supposed to enlist sponsors/donors, as with a charity walkathon, to pledge money in support of their reading


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