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Natural Remedies for Candida Infections

by Loto Perrella

Ki Publishing Co-operative is working with the author on the English translation of Loto Perrella's book

Candidiasis (Salud y Vida Natural)


Use Natural Remedies for Candida Albicans,

a book aimed at informing those suffering from candida infections about natural remedies that could suit them

Loto is an author, a professional translator of books on complementary therapies and a practising complementary therapist herself. Her personality is a direct one, as is her writing ...

"I am not willing to say that something is white when I think it is black... if others can not take some criticism, too bad for them ... but I always ask: do I say anything untrue? If I don't, then it must go on. I am fed up, and upset, and disgusted at seeing almost everyday patients who have been ill for years on end, and have spent lots of money, and they have been told that "it was all in their head", when they could be cured ... "

Loto herself has benefited from her own advice!

Some years ago, together with her brother Ayax, Loto was treated harshly by Spanish bureaucrats. For 3 years their lives, and the fate of their book,

La Técnica Clark para el Tratamiento del Cáncer

Ediciones Obelisco, Barcelona - Spain

were on hold. Now the ideas are seen as "complementary mainstream!" within Spain

N.B. Within Spain and some other European countries, an equivalent of the Net Book Agreement is enforced

Put simply the price of books is fixed, and there is no major undercutting on the published price of new book purchases

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• Detalle Producto

• Candidiasis (Salud y Vida Natural)


• Categoria: Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
• Dimensiones: 13,5 x 21 x 0,8 cm
• Tema: salud y vida natural
• Año: 2006
• Idioma: Español
• ISBN 13: 9788497773270
• Número Páginas: 96

• The Ki Publishing Books price for Candidiasis (Salud y Vida Natural) is £11 + postage

• Postage

within Europe (including the UK) is +£1
All other countries + £2

The books will be dispatched by the publisher in Spain, so please adjust the expected time of arrival to allow for that

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