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John Bruce Cairns, archivist

This volume presents the previously unpublished correspondence of pioneering Scottish poet-playwright Joan Ure (1918-1978) with fellow writer John Cairns

A much admired and respected figure of the literary and theatrical landscape of the twentieth century, and a founder of the Scottish Society of Playwrights, Ure's early death 'at the height of her powers' contributed to the unjust lack of recognition and attention her work suffered in later decades

The letters date from 1963 to 1971, a period when Ure's innovative contribution to Scottish Theatre was beginning to make its mark. Writing both under her literary pseudonym and her real name, Betty Clark, she sends John an intimate account of her literary and personal relationships, preoccupations, and commentaries on her creative output

Correspondence will provide much-needed primary sources for Joan Ure scholarship, redress the lack of published material relating to her work, and provide readers with an intense and engrossing narrative of the relationship between two writers in 1960s Britain

Correspondence is published by Ki Publishing Co-operative, and was compiled by the archivist and author John Cairns and edited by Karen F. Smith

The John Cairns Archive

consists of letters written by Betty Clark (alias Joan Ure) between 1963 to 1971, and was the source for the compilation of John Cairn's book based on his correspondence with Betty Clark. John had previously archived and edited this



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