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14/06/17 | by adminb [mail] | Categories: Ki Publishing Catalogue

Link: http://www.ReadItSwapIt.co.uk

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Did we Meet on Grub Street?

by Emma Tennant, Hilary Bailey and David Tennant

reviewed by

Val Hennessy

... Britain's once lively publishing industry has taken a nose-dive. Gone are the days of small, often eccentric publishers. Gone are their feuds, gossip, glamour, wild launch parties and men-in-cardigans taking risks, encouraging scribblers who turned up with unsolicited manuscripts hand-written on scrap paper. In those days publishing wasn't all about profit ...

• continued

Book Binding course with Rachael Hazell

Saturday 19th-Saturday 26th August 2017
1 hour from Toulouse airport (BA, Easyjet and FlyBe)

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