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A Follow Up Book to

Only When I Eat: Hope At Last

is in preparation at Ki Publishing Co-operative


Only When I Eat: Hope at Last

was the breakthrough book on tinnitus and diet Written by tinnitus sufferer the late June Rogers

In Only When I Eat: Hope At Last

June explains how those suffering with tinnitus are most likely to be able to relieve the symptoms of their tinnitus by adjusting their way of eating

Only When I Eat Hope at Last

was originally based on June's personal observations on the fluctations of her own tinnitus. Later, June verified these observations, and added that knowledge to the painstaking research she had carried out into tinnitus over many years

If any vegan or anyone following an orthodox diet (which is obviously not vegetarian), suffers from tinnitus, we'd love to hear from you

June differentiated between those who suffer from tinnitus, and those who suffer with Meniere's Disease ( tinnitus type noises combined with serious loss of balance)

For her researches June also excluded sufferers whose tinnitus noises were temporary. That can often be a side effect of taking medication, and if that is the cause the noises should, eventually, disappear. You can speed up this process by doing a detox for a few days once the course of medication is completed

In other instances temporary tinnitus symptoms could result from a bacterial infection

Some viruses can cause tinnitus symptoms, as can severe catarah, a nerve disorder, or stress

June was surprised that many who had been struck by lightening and survived, or were in the immediate vicinity when lightening went to earth; or had been on the telephone whilst an electrical storm was overhead, developed symptoms of tinnitus

This connection was always made by the tinnitus sufferer, but it did seem that the proportion of those identifying such incidents as the cause of their tinnitus was very high and that what the sufferer described as tinnitus was unfortunately probably ear damage

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