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• Warriors in Khaki

Link: http://kipublishing.com/uk2ecommerce/product/warriors_in_khaki

Native American Doughboys from North Dakota

researched by

Michael J Knudson and Ann G Knudson

cover photographs "Jacob Douglas" (front) and "Sergeant Thomas Rogers" (Arikara) (back) who was described by Marshall Ferdinand Foch as "the bravest soldier in France"

Over 200 Native Americans from North Dakota served on the Front Line in France during World War I. Yet, prior to the publication of Warriors in Khaki very little had been written about these Native Americans and their accomplishments in battle

Originally from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation the Warriors in Khaki fought bravely, and, in 1921 the Supreme Allied Commander of World War I, Marshall Ferninand Foch, visited Bismark , North Dakota to meet some of the Native Americans who had served with the Allied Forces

This thoroughly reseached book is the story of some of the individuals involved. It commemorates the contribution they made to the War effort, and celebrates their achievements

Warriors in Khaki was researched and printed in the US. It does seem silly (and expensive) to ship books unnecessarily, so we ask customers living in North America or Canada to consider buying this book from the authors


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A century on, there are uncomfortable parallels with
the era that led to the outbreak of the First World War

• The War and The Panic
25th July 2014: The Economist Archive 100 years on

• The BBC Radio 4 Podcast (free) narrated by Professor Christopher Clark. The 4th episode of "The Ever Widening War" covers the entry of America into the First World War

• This British Library resource for studying The First
World War contains over 10,000 personal stories

Reflections on the First World War Centenary
LSE Literary Festival discussion

was on Wednesday 26th February 2014

The National Museum of the American Indian
in Washington DC

The Grass Hut by Necole Schmitz (artwork)

• We were sent this link to a blog on Scottish Military History, and find it very interesting

continued ....

• Reviews

• "Prior to Warriors in Khaki there was very little published information available on World War I and the Indian men from North Dakota who served at that time. The Knudsons' extensive research and compilation of data of this era has now closed this void of information. They have given us a very valuable reference book .... We are indebted to Mike and Ann for their hard work, their perseverance and their obvious commitment to the Indian people of North Dakota in undertaking this daunting task."

• Marilyn Hudson

Director, Three Affiliated Tribes Museum, New Town, ND


• The Knudsons' book Warriors in Khaki details service, awards, battle accomplishments, and service affiliation of North Dakota Native Americans of the Forth Berthold Indian reservation (Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation), Standing Rock Sioux, Fort Totten Sioux, and Turtle Moundain Band Chippewa who served in World War I, information not readily available in any existing work. The compilation fills a need and helps to recognise the continuing patriotism and over-the-top contribution of North Dakota Native Americans in the great conflict"

• Susan Dingle

Past President, Bismarck-Mandan Historical and Genealogical Society


• Penguin, Random House and the National Book Foundation Launch

• National Readathon Day

on Saturday 24th January, 2015

It was a "marathon reading" session across the US to raise money in order to help fund the National Book Foundation's efforts to promote literacy and reading. NBF executive director Harold Augenbraum called it "a terrific opportunity to broaden the awareness in communities across the country, and to infuse funds into our community-based programs."

Goodreads and Mashable were co-sponsors

Individuals and reading "teams" (which could be affiliated with local stores and libraries) read for four hours straight. Readers were supposed to enlist sponsors/donors, as with a charity walkathon, to pledge money in support of their reading



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