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Link: http://scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org/2013/08/12/an-industry-pining-for-bookstores/

concerning the Raw Food Life Style

The photograph above was taken at BBC Gardners' World 2013 in the NEC, Birmingham

The man is reading a copy of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory.

Gardeners' World was sponsored by The Co-operative and the photograph is the copyright of the publicity agent for the Show, live-marketing It was a spontaneous picture - not posed for the occasion!

The price of the 2nd edition of The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory is now £2.99 + postage
e-book edition in preparation

Some International Food Co-operatives

Pick Your Own Information
covering the US and Incorporating information on Unusual Fruits

There are also linked websites that cover Pick Your Own Information in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK

• The first Be Nice to Nettles Week was organized by the Natural History Museum, London in 2006

• 23rd May began Be Nice to Nettles Week 2010 in the UK

Eating Stinging Nettles is also "recommended" for those who suffer from tinnitus

Nettle Beer Recipes and a US version

Articles as Food for Thought

• How Gut Bacteria Evolved to Feast on Sushi
by Jon Hamilton,
NPR New York, 7th April, 2010. Story lists additional items for further reading

Did Cooking Give Humans An Evolutionary Edge?
28th August 2009
• NPR National Public Radio's, (New York)
earlier interview with Harvard anthropologist Richard Wrangham 30th May 2009
• Story 26th May, 2010

Invention of cooking drove evolution of the human species
a new book by Richard Wrangham argues

Food Safety

Scores on Doors is the visible Food Safety Scheme covering restaurants and eating establishments in the UK
You can follow Scores on Doors on Twitter and on Facebook or use an iPhone app; Android app: SMS; WAP

Preventing Food Waste

• A Ki Publishing agency

might well suit small or medium-sized shop-owners with an outlet for unusual books, and/or an interest in the holistic life style

Ki Publishing agents could be based within the UK or overseas. No upfront payment or fee involved. Please contact us if you want details

Ki Publishing (South Africa)

384, Parklands, Johannesburg 2121
fax: 00 27 (0)11 788 4583
• Ki Publishing has additional agencies are in
Botswana and Lithuania
and we would definitely welcome more collaborations ! ...

World Healing Day

began in South Africa in 2010. It is 24th April and now encompasses 65 countries

Local shopping: Follow Shopikon on Facebook and Twitter


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