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Vegetarian and Vegan Labeling

and a British Parliamentary petition to make vegetarian and vegan labelling a legal requirement failed. Another can always be submitted. Anyone want to try doing so?


A Betrayal by a company

built on "Ethics"

I feel the hypocrisy of a vegan restaurant slaughtering animals makes a mockery of values.

The (US) Vegan restaurants Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude while continuing to operate these restaurants the owners have decided to slaughter the animals on their farm, package them and eat them, while they continue to profit off of the vegans who patronize their restaurants. This type of business practice should be considered disturbing to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Here's a protest you can sign: https://secure2.convio.net/ida/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=2914 …

We all make choices. I personally believe there will always be meat eaters, and I have no problem with that - but regulation and personal or business honesty should not be compromised (in my view!)

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• Individual Vegans

• 2015: 100 year old vegan surgeon, who retired at 95, and the video interview now watched by over 3m people!

Vegan couple powered by raw food, and in their 60s, set the world record in Australia after running a marathon each day for 366 consecutive days

• 27th November 2013: Al Gore has become a vegan

Vegan Texas by the Numbers
So much for the jokes about Vegans in Texas ... and yes we've all heard them!

Top 10 Sexiest Vegan Men of 2013? as judged in one competition, and the

Top 9 Sexiest Vegan Men of 2013 as viewed by another author!

Vegan bodybuilding 2 minute video

Vegan Diet Fuels Champion Boxer Timothy Bradley to Remain Undefeated

Ethan and Michael provide original delicious vegan recipes and share their views on LGBTQ rights/equality and animal rights, one meal at a time

Bill Gates: The Future of Vegan is Meat (video)

Vegan History in Context (video)

Vegan Beauty Products

Tell World Leaders We need clean water for everyone

• In August 2015 London City Airport thankfully banned the sale of foie gras

• Artwork: Mike Robinson from Canary Wharf

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• Vegan Sweets and Treats

Link: https://www.timeout.com/london/shop/food-and-drink-nama-foods-february?cid=eml~GB_LON~OF~1401074606~food-and-drink-nama-foods-february~&refid=email-1401074606-POS11-food-and-drink-nama-foods-february~CTA~2017-02-17

including many gluten-free and palm oil free products

Top 10 Tips for First Time Vegans

Vegan Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childhood

• London's first vegan chicken shop

Native Foods (Vegan) Cafe Restaurant
Fast casual chain mainstreams vegan food in the US

• The first vegan burger to look as if it is bleeding? Just Why? Why would anyone invent that?

Vegan Nut Cheeses at Dr Crow's, Brooklyn, New York

For those difficult to source food items you might try the data base of suppliers used by Speciality Food Magazine

Vegan Texas by the Numbers
So much for the jokes about Vegans in Texas ... and yes we've all heard them!

• 30th October, 2012
Eating Red mean can cause an unpleasant body odour that makes men seem less attractive to women. In a study at Charles University in Prague, in the Czech Republic, two groups of men were put on a two-week diet. One group ate red meat while the other excluded it and otherwise their diets were identical. Samples of their body odour were collected and presented to 30 women. The scent of the non-meat-eaters was consistently rated as more attractive, even when the groups switched diets and were tested for a second time a month later

Researchers suggested it may be due to man's high proportion of fat, which the body breaks down into allphatic acids, known to have a sweaty, rancid odour

• A Plant Based Diet

Link: http://www.refinery29.uk/2017/02/142292/fruit-and-veg-daily-recommended?utm_source=

Fruit City

is a London-based interactive map that shows you where to find many fruit trees and bushes like apples, plums, wild cherries, blackberries and more. There are also recommended recipes. Fruit City was originally a project by Royal College of Art student Vahakn Matossian but it has expanded

Fruitarians only eat raw fruit ...

How to eat sustainably without going vegan

What is the healthiest diet? (video) has been produced by Dr Michael Gregor, one of my "heroes"!

The International Raw Food Restaurant Directory, published by Ki Publishing Co-operatiive, has a Facebook page