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• Local Government Association (LGA)


• Press Release 3rd February 2015

• Vital efforts to protect children from criminals

hiding behind their position as taxi drivers to commit sex offences are being hampered by new restrictions on crucial background checks, councils warn

The Local Government Association said police forces across the country are no longer providing information to councils on criminal investigations involving prospective taxi drivers because of a dispute between the Home Office and police on whether it is lawful

Some councils have also been told by the Disclosure and Barring Service that they can no longer check whether a prospective taxi driver has been barred from working with children or vulnerable adults unless they work on a school transport contract

It comes as government's plans to extend the duration of taxi licences from one to three years will return to Parliament today as part of the Deregulation Bill

The LGA is warning that forcing councils to issue longer licences without access to vital intelligence on applicants could put children and vulnerable people at greater risk of becoming victims of sex crimes, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking from organised gangs

It is calling for the clauses in the Deregulation Bill to be deleted and a comprehensive reform of taxi and private hire vehicle licensing undertaken, based on the Law Commission's report last year

The LGA also demands a guarantee from the Department of Transport and the Home Office that access to this vital information will be immediately returned and maintained in the future, without risk of it being removed again

Cllr Ann Lucas OBE, Chair of the LGA's Safer and Stronger Communities Board, said: "Extending the length of taxi licences without ensuring councils can keep carrying out robust checks risks putting children and vulnerable people at risk

"Recent child sex abuse cases in Rotherham and Rochdale are a stark reminder of the vulnerability of some passengers

"CSE is a terrible crime with destructive and far reaching consequences for victims, their families, and society and councils are determined that nothing like this can be allowed to happen again. That is why we are extremely alarmed at actually being given less access to information about who is applying for a taxi licence

"Taxi drivers routinely work with vulnerable adults and children as part of their daily work, regardless of whether they have a school contract or not. It is imperative that councils can keep checking applicants against barred lists and be able to find out if they are under criminal investigation

"The consequence could be councils unknowingly granting licences to people investigated for sexual offences and only finding out three years later when the driver renews the licence and has the conviction flagged up.

"As we know, the consequences for someone entering a taxi where the driver has not been adequately vetted by the council can be devastating. We should not be doing anything that increases the chances of that happening."

Trading Standards, London Borough of Tower Hamlets. 020 7364 6840


We all need, and benefit from, adequately funded and reliable public services

In the saga of the serial company defaulter I found myself campaigning against, If the Insolvency Service (and other law enforcement agencies) had been adequately funded, and not overwhelmed by the volume of work, individuals would not need to to prop up the ailing system

Instead many individuals are forced to start a campaign as a means of highlighting an injustice. Doing nothing in such ciorcumstances is unacceptable. Ignoring an extremely manipulative person just passes the power (and the money) to the sociopath, who then considers themselves clever and actively seeks more unsuspecting victims

A civilized Society needs enforceable structure - not laws written with wriggle room in mind!


• The Our World Conference was on


• Saturday 21st February, Bethnal Green, East London

• 10am-6pm
85 people own as much as half the population of world
This Conference discusses the implications


Forgiveness is Good For Your Health

Forgiveness is Good For Your Health But only WHEN the perpetrator SHOWS REMORSE ...

When they don't, Section 993 of the Companies Act can come in handy

for those needing Justice ...


• Global House Prices



Global Greed

Why are there always the irresponsible
who take advantage of what others call the simple pleasures of life?

Aldi, Change Your Planning Policies to Preserve Treasured Trees!

• And Rainbow Trading should have their illegally logged timber shipment from the Amazon seized by European authorities


UK Planning Laws

London area (mainly)

This is a direct link to

the Planning Application Search Page for
Richmond upon-Thames

Wherever you live in the UK there will be a similar page that covers the area you are concerned with. It can be interesting to follow what is happening at a local level. That is how you can probably pick up on any local planning anomaly

Some Anomalies reported to us

Museum researcher who lives in within The London Borough of Merton which includes Wimbledon

She is trying hard to save a small local park from being developed ...

We referred her to the now retired Millenium Mayor of Merton but

Retired mayor is having similar trouble with the development on a football pitch that is behind the home she now lives in in the West Molesey , Surrey

Quote from the retired Mayor:
The directors of the local football ground at the bottom of my garden want to build houses there against the terms of their (written) legal agreement


Hampstead High Street

Hampstead is an elegant section within the London Borough of Camden. Residents and officials have long tried to keep Hampstead High Street as the local centre of their community. Initially seen as elitism, with changing times such a policy is now approved of by using such terms as conservation and individualism

The writer of this section of the CROC blog spent many happy hours volunteering for practical conservation work with the nearby Friends of Highgate Cemetry working with the London Intervarsity Club team


Some years after Hampstead, Richmond and other areas in the UK became concerned with the national uniformity of High Streets , thinkers and planners in California, US are catching up!

In 2014 California organized the first annual California Bookstore Day. Over 90 book shops from more than 80 ZIP code areas participated

For 2015 California Bookstore Day is going national, and has been rebranded as Independent Bookstore Day


The Public Law Project


is a Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales No 2368562
Registered Office: Public Law Project, 150 Caledonian Road, London N1 9RD. Registered Charity 1003342
The service is provided by solicitors of England and Wales, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
Our Solicitors Regulation Authority Number is: 77365

The PLP has a Twitter page

The Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts conference, London

The opening address will be given by Lord Justice Moses, the new Law Society President Andrew Caplen is the closing speaker

Booking is now open

The Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts conference

is taking place on October 13th at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP in London. The conference will address recent changes to the Judicial Review proceedings, both legal and procedural, as well as featuring specialist breakout seminars on immigration, the EC, the regulators, Environmental Law, LASPO, the Children and Families Act, and property and public law

JUSTICE conference for Human Rights law practitioners

takes place on 20th October in London. It will feature keynote addresses from Gareth Pierce and Lord Pannick QC

New legal project launches in Enfield

September will see the launch of a new legal project in Enfield to provide disabled people and carers with information and legal advice. To support the project, or to get involved

Public Law Project
Main office number: (020) 7843 1260
Fax: (020) 7837 7048

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