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• The Our World Conference


I'm the long-standing Hon. (unpaid) Chair of the award-winning and continually expanding London Community Credit Union. This one day event is in Bethnal Green, an area at the hub of our credit Union activity

• Saturday 21st February, Bethnal Green, East London

• 10am-6pm
85 people own as much as half the population of world
This Conference discusses the implications


• Forgiveness is Good For Your Health

.... But only WHEN the perpetrator SHOWS REMORSE ...

When they don't, Section 993 of the Companies Act can come in handy!


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• My Cat from Hell



... and a beautifully trained (or Photoshopped?) cat from China!


Cute Baby Racoons


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• Recycle .... to Help a Cat


*** If you live in a windy area you might need to attach additional weight to prevent the cat cabin blowing around

and then

• PLEASE ....Help a Soldier who Saved a Cat

by signing this well-supported petition to

Ask Italy to drop charges

against the soldier who saved a dying cat in Bosnia

Alternatively, you could put your cat in storage?! or

- more than 38 years the producer of top quality wooden summerhouses, log cabins and gazebos.

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Who is Ian?


I am an ailurophile, and have been for as far back as I can remember. If you are unfamiliar with the word then the pictures on this blog could be a major clue! I like all animals - but some are just more special!

I am a somewhat private person who believes strongly in social justice, but am on Facebook (occasionally contributing) and on Linked In

My main contribution to the voluntary sector which is my "spare time" occupation! is being the Hon Chair of the London Community Credit Union This is based in East London

I was involved in setting up, and was the first Hon Chair of the Tower Hamlets Community Credit Union This expanded over the year to become the London Community Credit Union. I was also involved in setting up the facilities that enabled credit union expansion in England and Wales

When we set up The Tower Hamlets Community Credit Union the upper legal limit on membership for any credit union was 5,000 people. Membership of New Model Credit Unions can now be up to 250,000, and the deposits of members in credit unions in England and Wales now carry the same government guarantees as conventional bank accounts

I have also been a Board Member of the Tower Hamlets Community Development Agency (the Tower Hamlets CDA), and am regularly conscripted to help these groups, and personal friends with their more complex computer hiccups!

For 15 years I spent at least one week each year, and many weekends participating in practical conservation projects organized through the London Intervarsity Club and affiliated IVCs. We volunteered from the Scottish Islands of Fair Isle , Canna and Rhum to Guernsey in the Channel Islands


An Interesting


that needs to be more widely known ...


I expect your e-mail inbox is likely to be in the process of being "bombarded" with all sorts of Christmas specials just at the moment, so in addition to being among those wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas, this International Animal Law (IAL) update is "short and sweet" to highlight just a few of the items that are currently on the IAL website which we recommend you spend a few moments looking at during the Christmas season.

The Australian Federal Parliamentary Labor Party has endorsed a motion in support of establishing an independent office to develop and enforce animal welfare standards at a national level;
New Zealand has implemented an initiative which means that "battery cages" traditionally used for housing layer hens will be progressively removed from use over the next 10 years;
Costa Rica has banned hunting as a sport;
A court in Manila (Philippines) stopped 25 dolphins from being exported to Singapore, and also banned the importation of more dolphins on the grounds that the journey would harm them; and
In a wonderfully endearing and timely piece for Christmas, you'll enjoy having a look at the three SPCA dogs are learning how to drive (yes, cars) in a bid by the SPCA to change the public's perception about the intelligence of rescue dogs.

Please continue to send through your articles, publications, and news pieces for the animal welfare experts of IAL around the world; and our best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas season.

Stay in touch


Ian Robertson
Barrister and Solicitor,
Veterinarian Director,
International Animal Law
“… where the experts clarify the ethics, science, and law, of animal welfare”

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