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could help our cause ...

Please suggest to your M.P. (and other relevant individuals and organisations) that a clause to prevent a newly set up company from receiving funds from a second company that is run by the same directors should be repayable towards the assets of the first company if the original company is liquidated within say 6 months of such a money transfer.

Technically such a money transfer is illegal anyway, and is actually FRAUD, BUT proving FRAUD is a major obstacle when it comes to getting redress and/or justice and a refund! Making it a specific offence could help!

We will take legal advice for the appropriate wording:

Draft One

“Where the directors and/or controlling minds of an existing company form one or more other companies with the same or broadly similar aims; and transfer funds from the first company prior to its liquidation; and that liquidation occurs within 6 months of the transfer; the second companies remain liable for the debts of the first for a period of 5 years.


To report a fraud to the fraud department run by The Welsh Assembly

How to complain to the Welsh Government


• Your pain, MY GAIN ...

• Friday, 10 August 2018, 08:55:25 GMT+1

As a self published author, Initially I conducted an online search for book printers.

• Hardback Printers

seemed like the best deal. I ordered 100 books from the company and dealt with a guy who called himself Ted.

I did receive the proof copy which was excellent and sent the agreed price. I won't go into detail here, but he has been constantly asking for more money for this and that.

By then I had found out that the phone number on his website was listed as scam.

I have contacted my bank and fraud alert police. I have kept all the emails. Now he says they will pulp my books unless I send them more money. I will help in any way I can.

This message was sent via the messaging system on Neill John Campaign.

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This is the sister blog to Cowboy Printer. To put the hard, hard work that went into the original Cowboy Printer website to good use we are listing, for the benefit of all, most of the research and information we are using in our campaign to change and update the legal system in respect of serial multiple company dissolutions. In this way we support for and respect the victims whilst we suggest ways they can progress their own quests for justice. We really would have preferred just one website on this subject, but sadly the information just oferflowed and made two blogs necessary


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