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• How to spot a scam

Link: https://whichcouk.cp.bsd.net/page/signup/safeguard-us-from-scams-yes?email=

• Here are five tips to spot a scam

1. Contacted out of the blue? If you’re not convinced by a caller’s identity, hang up.

2. Too good to be true? Scams often promise high returns for little financial commitment.

3. Asked to share personal details? Never share your details with someone you don’t know.

4. Pressured to respond quickly? Scammers will try to rush your decision – don’t proceed unless you’re absolutely certain your money will be safe.

5. Spelling mistakes? Scammers can use bad grammar and spelling to ensure only the most vulnerable respond to their messages.

Read more tips on how to spot a scam. And if you’ve spied one, see how to report scams


• Some Considered Warnings


• Revealed:

Britain's most wanted fraudsters


• Facebook link

to the company name
I appear to be currently associated with ...


congratulations to Trading Standards in the
London Borough of Tower Hamlets


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• Foregiveness is Good for You

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/25/forgiveness-health-benefits_n_6029736.html?utm_hp_ref=healthy-living

But only WHEN

the perpetrator SHOWS REMORSE ...

When they don't, Section 993 of the Companies Act can come in handy

for those needing Justice ...

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This is the sister blog to Cowboy Printer. To put the hard, hard work that went into the original Cowboy Printer website to good use we are listing, for the benefit of all, most of the research and information we are using in our campaign to change and update the legal system in respect of serial multiple company dissolutions. In this way we support for and respect the victims whilst we suggest ways they can progress their own quests for justice. We really would have preferred just one website on this subject, but sadly the information just oferflowed and made two blogs necessary


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