• What are Biorhythms?

Link: http://www.jacynthacrawley.com/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/bio?opendocument&part=2

• Use this link to check any biorhythms FOR FREE up to the end of 2013

You can also check the Biorhythm Compatability of any 2 people

The complete program is also for sale

The London Biorhythm Company has a Page and a Group on Facebook (see 2nd listing above)
and 2 Twitter accounts

@ LondonBiorhythm
@ Biorhythm Kit


Can I suggest that anyone interested in

• Biorhythms and Biorhythm Research

listens to

Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at Oxford University,

who is obsessed with biological clocks. He talks to Jim al-Khalili about how light controls our wellbeing.

BBC Radio 4: The Life Scientific Tuesday 9.00am 20th August. It will almost certainly be repeated at some time



The Calendar

by Dr. Nico Caravias

will be re-published by Ki Publishing Co-operative

• This book describes a 10-year cycle in humans
Reference: Gardner, Martin: Science: Good, Bad and Bogus
Chapter 11: Fliess, Freud, and Biorhythm
Prometheus Books, Buffalo, N.Y. 1981. ISBN 0879755733

• Søren Østerskov Nielsen

Link: http://www.scribd.com/srento

Danish researcher into Biorhythms who publishes in both Danish and English