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• Food Safety

Link: http://forkedmagazine.org/2014/02/13/revealed-suffering-of-europes-hidden-tomato-slaves

• General Food Safety

If you have a specific question on Food Safety you can ask an expert at The UK Food Standards Agency. You might want to check how long buffets should be displayed without being chilled, find out why you should be careful about re-heated rice, or get the facts about why burgers should be cooked all the way through

• Questions for Adam Hardgrave can be tweeted into the Play It Safe campaign Twitter feed @playitsafefood using the hashtag #askadam

Parents must remember that HONEY IS NOT SUITABLE FOR BABIES

• May 2012: 10 short food hygiene training videos on-line

• 4th July 2012: The Food Standards Agency in Wales is reminding consumers how they can protect their shopping when packing raw and ready-to-eat food products to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Campaign to ensure that food bought,cooked and eaten in the UK is safe
• The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rejected complaints against ad campaign to dismiss a complaint against a food hygiene advertising campaign. The campaign was aimed at getting consumers to check hygiene standards before choosing where to eat out
June 2013
UK Foods Standards Agency (FSA) Annual Report of Incidents Published
Issue 9 of BITE, the quarterly magazine produced by the UK Foods Standards Agency contains a major article on Food Safety

• 17th July 2012: Good food hygiene made easy to spot in London

22nd October 2013
New regulations on contaminants, food additives, flavourings, enzymes and extraction solvents come into force at the end of the month

• Avoid Choking

• 22nd January 2014: UK Import Ban on Jelly Sweets
Ingredients and choking warning

• Fiddleheads and Sprouting Beans

Wash and cook fiddleheads or risk illness, say Toronto Public Health

21st July 2011: After reports of a possible link between the e.coli outbreak in France and a UK company, the FSA issued temporary precautionary advice that sprouted seeds should only be eaten if they have been cooked thoroughly until steaming hot throughout and that they should not be eaten raw

****** Sprouted seeds can be eaten raw if they are labelled ‘READY-TO-EAT' or 'READY-TO-WASH’. All other sprouted seeds, if not labelled as such, should be cooked thoroughly until steaming hot

Caterers are also advised that they should source their supplies of sprouted seeds from producers that have recognised food safety and quality control systems in place

• Wash your Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

The (UK) Food Standards Agency recently launched
a new campaign to remind people to wash raw vegetables to help minimize the risk of food poisoning

• Preparing your Meat and Poultry

Washing chicken could wreck your health for years:
It's not just tummy upsets - spreading bacteria in the kitchen can cause arthritis, eye pain and nerve damage

Don't wash chicken ...it splashes bugs all over the kitchen:
Campylobacter causes 280,000 cases of food poisoning in Britain a year, and washing chicken under the tap can spread the bug more than three feet
Campylobacter is the biggest cause of food poisoning resulting in 500 deaths a year in Britain

• Why chicken liver pate could be the most dangerous dinner party dish:
Rates of food poisoning soar due to 'undercooking' trend and chicken livers linked to campylobacter bacteria, the most common form of food poisoning in the UK. Not fully cooking livers means harmful bugs are not killed, and fevers, paralysis and even death cn result

• August 2013: The UK Food Standards Agency explains rare steaks are safe to eat

Research has found that fresh coriander and coriander oil have an antibacterial effect against campylobacter, a common food poisoning bacteria in meat that causes abdominal cramps and diarrhoea

Add fresh coriander or coriander oil to your barbecue burger to help protect against food poisoning due to under cooking

Three reasons to have a cow over antibiotics in your meat ...

Raw Milk

2nd October 2014
A timely reminder (if it were needed!) that Food Hygiene is always of vital importance


The Nutiva Foundation supports the US Center for Food Safety

• December 2013: US
How The Law You Never Heard Of Could Affect Everything You Eat

More Food Safey Notes


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