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December 2016

Official Opening of the re-vamped Library, Regina , Saskatchewan , Canada

• https://www.oclc.org/content/go/en/2015_Virtual_Conf1.html


Interlibrary Loan Schemes



British Columbia:

• Okanagan College Library

• Vancouver


• Ontario: Montreal

McGill University


• 2016 Forest of Reading Award Winners

• The City of Toronto Library contains many rare books and more than 120 current newspapers available for referral


The heading below takes you to find basic library and museum information for each country within Europe

European Libraries


• Save UK Libraries (2016)

• UK and Ireland


The Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL) represents all university libraries in the UK and Ireland, as well as national libraries and many of the UK’s colleges of higher education SCONOL is on Facebook and Twitter

On 5th June 2013 SCONUL published the WATER Report on Walk-in Access To E-Resources

The WATER Report gives advice on the case for visitor access to e-resources; guidance for the implementation of visitor access and case studies from a range of institutions which have successfully implemented visitor access to e-resources. This was undertaken by SCONUL in association with the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries to promote wider uptake of visitor access to e-resources across the sector

SCONUL runs a scheme allowing you to use other academic libraries

Helps you to find a specialist library consultant

• EThos

is a free service from @britishlibrary. and provides access to over 300,000 theses

Tuesday 10th December 2013 there was a
Webinar on how to use ETHOS, the system the British Library uses to allow access to over 300,000 PhD theses. The webinar should be available to download at a later date

• Scotland

• The Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries

(SCURL) is the principal association of University and Research Libraries in Scotland and has been working collaboratively and cross-sectorally for over 30 years

• The Scottish Higher Education Digital Library

(SHEDL) aims through collaboration and combined purchasing power to achieve a shared digital library in Scotland with easier access to online content to support research and learning and teaching

• Library Co-operatives in Scotland


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