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• Two Spins ... One Event


• Two Spins ... One Event

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/16/technology/inside-amazon-wrestling-big-ideas-in-a-bruising-workplace.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur

• Graph above originally printed in The Wall Street Journal. Information source Internet Retailer
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 as of 5:04 PM
Amazon has significantly outgrown the next 14 largest internet retailers over the last decade

• Petition to insist that Amazon workers in the UK are paid the living wage


• The Amazon Press Release dated Friday 25th July 2014

Amazon.com Announces

Second Quarter Sales up 23% to $19.34 Billion

Petition to force multi-national companies, including Amazon to pay co-operation tax on their UK sales

• The Publishers Lunch write-up

reprinted from The Bookseller Friday 24th July 2014

• Amazon Loses More Money Than Expected; Stock Suffers

Amazon's stock is down over 10 percent in early Friday trading (a decline of almost $40 a share) after reporting a larger than expected loss for their second quarter -- and forecasting bigger losses for the next quarter. Second quarter sales grew 23 percent to $19.34 billion, with an operating loss of $15 million, and a net loss of $126 million, or 27 cents a share. Sales were right on target with analysts' estimates, but the loss was bigger than the consensus guess of 15 cents a share. That earnings miss plus third quarter guidance of a big operating loss of anywhere between $410 million and $810 million (compared to a $25 million loss in the same quarter a year ago) has once again spooked investors ...

• ( Amazon human robots: They trek 15 miles a day ... (video) )

... Amazon as a company continues to lose money for its shareholders, but by all accounts their employees continue to do just fine with company stock. Stock-based compensation and amortization of intangible assets accounted for $391 million in the just-reported quarter, and is expected to comprise $410 in the third quarter ...

• ( Amazon accused of bullying and inflated prices )

... In Thursday's report, North American media sales of $2.46 billion were up 13 percent compared to a year ago, and international media sales of $2.38 billion grew 7 percent. In the investor conference call, cfo Tom Szkutak said in answer to a question: "In terms of Kindle Unlimited, it's very early, but we're extremely pleased with what we see. There's been a great reaction to it. And we're pleased to offer that to customers."

• ( 150,000+ sign Amazon tax petition )


• Recent History and/or a learning curve:

• 31st March 2014: Amazon workers in Germany strike again in protracted pay dispute

• Amazon Germany handled 2.7 million orders on December 17, 2012 but says this week's strike has so far had no effect on shipments. The strike began on Monday ...
16th December 2013: Amazon Workers strike in Germany over pay

• Free Download: Amazon com controversies Tax avoidance, worst work condition in Germany and Anti-competitive practices ...
by Karl Heinz, bundespresse.com
31st July 2013

Inside a (US) Amazon Warehouse (2012)

An early example of domination behaviour (2011)


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