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• What Amazon's e-book Numbers Are and Aren't Telling You ... and more ...


• What Amazon's e-book Numbers Are and Aren't Telling You ... and more ...

Link: http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2015/jun/25/amazons-pay-per-page-plan-writing-royalties-ebook-kindle?CMP=EMCBKSEML3964

What Amazon's e-book Numbers Are and Aren't Telling You ...

• 9th July, 2015
Amazon accused of 'Big Brother' tactics over customer reviews

• August 2014: The Authors Guild met with the antitrust division of the US Department of Justice in August. The Guild posted confirmation for their members: "The Guild started its own initiative to invite governmental scrutiny of Amazon's outsize market share and anticompetitive practices in the publishing industry

Last summer (2013) the Guild prepared a White Paper on Amazon's anticompetitive conduct, circulating it to the United States Department of Justice and other government entities. As a result of their request for the initiation of an investigation of Amazon, we hosted a meeting with the DOJ in our offices on August 1 (2014) so that a group of authors could make their case directly to the government"

The Guild is not releasing that white paper to the public for now

20th August 2014
German Minister for Culture and Media Monika Gruetters backs Authors against Amazon. "Market power and domination over central distribution channels should not endanger our cultural diversity" she said

• 18th August 2014
German Authors Post Their Own Open Letter Opposing Amazon's "Extortion" and "Manipulated Lists," as Leverage ln Bonnier Negotiation

• 25th August: Justice Kagan Denies Conan Doyle Estate's Bid to Stay Appeals Court Copyright Ruling
15th August 2014
The Orwell Estate lambastes Amazon's selective quoting as "Dystopian and Shameless"
The Orwell Prize

• Thursday 7th August 2014
Over 900 Authors Sign Amazon Protest Petition, Slated to Run as Sunday New York Times advertisement

7th July:
The European and International Publishers position on Amazon

3rd July
New Zealand booksellers support action against Amazon

• In late June the German Publishers and Booksellers Association filed a complaint with the Federal Cartel Office, accusing Amazon of violating antitrust laws and asking for an investigation into negotiations with book publishers

• 31st March 2014: Amazon workers in Germany strike again in protracted pay dispute

Amazon created 2,500 distribution jobs in Mid-West US

• 31st July 2013
Free Download: Amazon com controversies Tax avoidance, worst work condition in Germany and Anti-competitive practices ...
by Karl Heinz, bundespresse.com

Amazon's Petition Successful, California Voters Can Overturn Online Sales Tax Law

Amazon's UK Tax rate for 2013 was 0.1% - in other words 1/10th (one tenth) of a penny for each £ of revenue

Petition to insist that Amazon pay their UK taxes. An earlier petition (2013) has already been delivered to Downing Street. The current petition has even more signatures

• Petition to insist that Amazon workers in the UK are paid the living wage

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