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Categories: Waste Water: Strategies for reducing it

• Waste Water


Taste the Waste of Water

and, perhaps give this poor squirrel a thought from time to time?


has become a significant environmental campaigning force across the US

Waste Water Treatment (in the USA)

• BC Water Notes, California

Brown and Caldwell's Water News brings you the latest water-related stories

Wasting Water Hurts Everyone ...

The Water Management Forum, Ahmedabad, India Spreading awareness

amongst students, farmers, engineers and various stakeholders about efficient water management by adopting best practices



• Ki Publishing 's blog to promote


Clean water as a policy

• The Plastic Bank is on Facebook

The aim is to make Plastic Waste a Currency to reduce Global Poverty

World Oceans Day is held annually
on 8th June

Tell World Leaders
We need clean water for everyone
AND EVERYONE means taking the results of this school project seriously

The problem was identified earlier than 2006!

Ice Cubes and lemon rind in many restaurants and fast food outlets harbour more bacteria than toilet water

In the UK we rely on Environmental Health Officers to inspect food outlets

Food Inspectors in Canada

Restaurants in the United States are regularly inspected by health departments, but few data exist regarding the effect of restaurant inspections on food safety

• If you would like the restaurant inspection facilities available in your country listed here please let us know


Women carry more than their fair share of the world's water

The horror of the health hazard of water cut-offs in Detroit in July 2014!

Coca-Cola’s Assault on Tap Water

• Charities and NGOs providing practical help across the World

Save The Water is based in California
In December 2014 the EPA celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act

Charity Water is a NYC-based charity working in 20 developing countries around the world bringing clean water to people in need. Twitter @charitywater

Drink Water is on Twitter

End Water Poverty is on Twitter @EndWaterPoverty
Campaign against the global water and sanitation crisis

Global Water Challenge is on Twitter
GWC @ global_water
GWC is a coalition of groups working together to lead a global movement tackling the water crisis

The Thirst Project is the world's leading YOUTH water activism organization. They are a movement of students bringing awareness of and solutions to the global water crisis

Water Aid America is on Twitter @WaterAidAmerica

WaterAid often works in conjunction with the H&M Conscious Foundation

WaterAid UK brought clean water and safe sanitation to a village in Northern Ethiopia in 2013/2014

Barbara Frost is the Chief Executive of WaterAid and tweets about what they are all doing...

Water For People is on Twitter @waterforpeople
We're a handful of people out to change the world ....

World Bank Water helps governments solve #watersupply, #sanitation, #water resources, #hydropower and #irrigation challenges through finance and knowledge

The Water Footprints Daily is a free online newspaper produced in Australia, but covering the world. To subscribe call Australia 0477 311 451 for further information

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